PCA Peels

PCA Peels

*** Consultation required for patch test prior to peel.  ***
It is recommended to purchase a Post Procedure Solution Kit $25

The Post-Procedure Solution Kit includes:

  • Facial Wash – pHaze 1 (1 fl. oz.)
  • ReBalance – pHaze 17 (0.25 oz.)
  • Apres Peel Hydrating Balm – pHaze 11+ (0.25 oz.)
  • Hydrator Plus SPF 30 (0.25 oz.)
  • Silkcoat Balm – pHaze 20 (0.25 oz.)
  • PCA Skin storage case
  • PCA Sensi Peel

    Strengthen and brighten sensitive skin while helping to treat sun damage and other forms of hyper pigmentation. An excellent choice for helping to calm rosacea. $95

    Ultra Peel1

    Specifically formulated to treat dehydrated, maturing skin. Also highly effective in treating pigment disorders, fine lines and wrinkles, sun damaged skin and hormonal acne. Skin will appear plump, hydrated and luminous. $95

    Detox Deep Pore Treatment

    Excellent choice for detoxifying all skin types using a strong antibacterial and antioxidant action. Treatment effectively penetrates pores to dissolve impactions and blackheads, kill bacteria, and reduces inflammation leaving the skin hydrated, purified and clear. $95

    Pumpkin Peel Treatment

    Exfoliates and draws impurities out of the skin while introducing vitamin A, C, Beta-Carotene, Enzymes and Nutrients into the skin. Promotes healing and stimulates circulation. Your skin will have a healthy glow following this treatment. $95

    Oxygenating Treatment

    Antioxidant therapy to correct and prevent free radical damage, this most significant contributors to the aging process. Your result is a radiant healthy look. Especially recommended 2–3 days before a special event. $95

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