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We all can recognize the signs of acne–those unsightly red bumps that form on the skin, particularly in oily zones, but fewer people understand where these blemishes come from. Acne occurs when the pores become clogged with bacteria, debris and natural oil. A mild infection develops in the affected pore, producing the inflammation that we refer to as zits or pimples. Understanding the causes of acne from a clinical perspective, cosmetic and medical experts developed the PCA Acne Treatments line to battle existing blemishes and decrease the likelihood of future breakouts.

Available exclusively in the United States, the PCA Acne Treatments collection penetrates deep into the pores to deliver its therapeutic properties into the tissue most susceptible to inflammation from acne breakouts. With products available to accommodate all skin types, the PCA Acne Treatments range uses powerful formulas that heal without causing additional irritation or over-drying. If used regularly, the products in the PCA Acne Treatments collection can put an end to your acne woes for the clearer, radiant skin that you never thought possible.

International Customers – PCA Acne – PCA Skin products cannot be shipped outside the U.S.


A gentle salicylic acid spot treatment formulated to fight acne and clear breakout prone skin.

$40.00 1oz  |    In Stock


PCA SKIN Acne Cream
For mild acne, blemish-prone sensitive skin.
$18.00 0.5oz   |   In Stock

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