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Eyelash Perm

When you see somebody beautiful, chances are you’ve noticed their beautiful eyes. Beautiful eyes really light up the whole face! That’s why we often times search endlessly for the right eye make up and the perfect mascara. And then we spend precious minutes applying them before we head out the door every day. If we could just cut the time, money, and energy we spend on making our eyes look pretty, it would be such relief. Well, it’s actually possible to with an Elite Skin Solutions eyelash perm and tint.

eyelash-perming-before-afterEyelashes with a sweeping curl opens up the eyes and a darker lashes emphasizes the eyes. Eyelash curlers can curl eyelashes for a very short time and not everybody has the skill and the time to use them. Not to mention curlers damage and rip out your lashes. There are great mascaras but most of them clump, are time consuming and they are difficult to remove. The solution to all these hassle is to spend less than an hour every four-six weeks having an eyelash perm at Elite Skin Solutions….think of how much time you save everyday!

Make sure to add an eyelash tint to even further enhance your beautifully curled lashes!

An eyelash perm and tint have all these advantages:
They won’t damage your eyelashes but give a semi-permanent curl the way regular eyelash curlers can.
They are safe.
They save you time.
They won’t clump or flake like mascara.
They don’t hurt.

It can’t be denied that women sacrifice to look good. You don’t really have to if there’s a better way to look good. Look fabulous without wasting so much time and energy. Have an eyelash perm and tint at Elite Skin Solutions regularly and looking good will be effortless.

Looking for an even more dramatic look?

Try our eyelash extensions for the perm & tint look with even longer, thicker, and fully lashes!

Are eyelash perms safe?

Yes. Our technique and eyelash perm solution have been refined over a decade to work consistently and gently on your lashes. You should beware of the cheap eyelash perms out there where the quick methods and harsh solutions can risk damaging your lashes.

How long does an eyelash perm last?

Despite the name, eyelash perms are not permanent. The results of an eyelash perm typically on average last 4-6, or the natural growth cycle of the eyelashes. When the permed eyelashes naturally fall out, the new eyelash hair will grow in straight (as it was before your eyelash perm).

What should I expect during my eyelash perm?

Before your eyelash perm, you will be asked to remove your contact lenses and any eye make-up will be removed.

Your skilled technician will discuss with you how intense or relaxed you want your eyelash perm to be. Depending on your preferences, the technician will select a set of custom-made eyelash perm rollers or eyelash curling device that will be gently and temporarily affixed to your eyes. The eyelashes will then be curled using our eyelash perm solution.

Eyelash Permanent-$70
Eyelash Permanent W/Eyelash Tint-$88

Eyelash Perm video coverage

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