You hold the key to the fountain of youth by Best Spa in Southlake, TX

The quest to find the infamous fountain of youth has held steadfast through the generations. Today however, we have more insight into what ages our skin and it goes beyond skin deep.

Skin is a living breathing organ. Everything we put into our body, as well as our daily encounters, stress level, and sleeping habits have an impact on our skin.

Skin is a reactive mechanism; in other words it responds to internal and external factors. Therefore achieving healthy, youthful skin becomes a balancing act between minimizing free radical exposure and boosting antioxidant intake.

We now know free radicals are created by much more than chemical and sun exposure. And that the body can become overwhelmed quickly, which throws off the balance causing skin to age. When the free radical count surpasses the amount of antioxidants, cell damage occurs. This type of cell damage has been linked to cancer, atherosclerosis, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and aging.

Of course sun exposure, pollution, smoking and stress are commonly known free radical producers, now poor sleeping and eating habits, exercise, and overall lifestyle are linked to the production of free radicals too. Studies reveal two types of free radicals in cigarette smoke; one is in the tar, and the other is in the gas. Both depletes the body of vitamin C and accelerates the aging process. Excess ultraviolet exposure is responsible for 90(yes you heard right) 90 percent of photo-aging such as wrinkles, slack skin, and brown spots to name a few.

Pollution is the atmospheres form of free radicals, this occurs when molecules undergo a photodissociation process. This reaction plays a key role in smog formation and ozone layer depletion. Zinc is a good block to help defend the skin from these elements.

Our goal is to neutralize free radical which is done with antioxidants such as Vitamins A, C, and E, bioflavonoids, and polyphenols. Topicals rich in antioxidants will help to firm, tone, tighten, and refine lines giving your skin an overall glow.

Balance and moderation are key to healthy aging, overall wellness, and beautiful skin. So slow down, relax your body and mind, make sure to drink plenty of water, put down those cigarettes, put on your sun screen and make an appointment with Elite Skin Solutions today to get the best antioxidant rich topical’s available.

Remember you hold the key to your own fountain of youth. Take control of your aging process so you can look young and beautiful as long as you desire to.

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