Acne Myth Reviled By The Best Spas in Southlake Texas

Burying Another Acne Myth While Staying  Safe In The Sun
provided by best spas in Southlake Texas – EliteSkinSolution

Right after the common misconception that chocolate and pizza cause acne, the second most popular acne myth is that gong to the beach clears breakouts……WRONG!!!!

When going into the sun or tanning bed acne seems to improve-temporarily. This scientifically makes some sense, like Retin-A, sunlight increases cell turnover of the skin potentially sloughing out acne impactions, but the sloughing activity that seems to make it better also causes acne to flare up as pores become irritated. Yes a tan does temporarialy covers up acne and makes flare-ups less visible; BUT the long term effects of ultraviolet-induced damage can be life threatening.

Unlike sunlight Tretinoin(Retin-A) or other vitamin-A derivates, such as vitamin A propionate can aid in sloughing impactions while helping to rebuild collagen and partially reverse many signs of photodamage and aging.

Some people feel that salt water and a nice tan will “dry up” their acne, the skin knows better. The skin has a collective memory, the oil glands sensing dryness will stimulate sebum(oil) production to compensate, leaving the skin even oiler. The radiated, burned upper layers of skin will clog these pores, causing acneiform lesions. In the long-term, the damage done to the DNA of the skin cells by UV radiation will cause mutations in the cells, which CAN lead to the development of skin cancer.

SO remember while enjoying your fun in the sun, but be sure to wear a non-comedogenic broad spectrum sunscreen of 30. Make an appointment with Elite Skin Solutions today to pick up your PCA broad spectrum sun-screen today!

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